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Children’s Farms of America’s Neighborhood Children’s Farm Concept:  These small neighborhood-based farms range in size from a half acre to two acres and are resources to the community. They are places where children and youth can learn about agriculture and where their food comes from.  As an educational project, children are able to learn about and grow healthy food in ways that replenish the earth.

From the outset, kids are involved in planning and building the farm. They learn entrepreneurial skills as they sell food through a weekly farmer’s market. Lasagne GardeningThey learn construction, land development, remediation and conservation skills and integrate “STREAM” (Science, Technology, Reading, Engineering, Arts & Math) concepts that apply in their school work, in the work of the farm and in life.

CFA Neighborhood Children’s Farms are a welcoming, active anchor in the community, places in which children, youth and adults can find the satisfaction of accomplishment and the fulfillment of providing food for themselves and their neighbors.  The farms provide and opportunity tend farm animals such as goats, chickens, and miniature horses and work side-by-side with people from all walks of life. They grow opportunities to give back to the community by producing food for the local food bank and for their families.

Ultimately, children and youth and their communities will be healthier in body, mind, and spirit as a result of their involvement in a CFA Neighhborhood Children’s Farm.




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